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Rules & Regulations

The behaviour of a pupil on his way to school and back home is considered to be very important, both in the projection of his own image and that of the school. Any offense or form of misbehaviour  is in violation of both internal school and external regulations governing the attitude hat a pupil is expected to adopt towards outsiders and members of the public in general. Any offence throws discredit on the good name of the college.
Pupils must behave properly not only within school premises but also outside and in buses.
Pupils must always wear he school uniform.
(a) The school uniform consists of a plain white shirt; long sleeved or short sleeved and dark blue trousers or shorts for Boys and White blouse and dark blue skirt for girls.
(b) Jeans of whatever colour and fancy shirts are not acceptable.
(c) If a pupil persists in not wearing his/her uniform he/she will be sent back home and will not be readmitted until he wears his/her uniform. A pupil who fail to wear his/her school uniform and badge will be punished.
(d) No boy will be authorised to wear earrings .
(e) long hair or fancy haircuts are not permitted.
This rule holds good for all school functions/activities such as sports day, prize-giving ceremony, cross-country, flag-raising ceremony, examinations etc. JEANS OF WHATEVER COLOUR AND FANCY SHIRTS ARE UNACCEPTABLE.

During the winter season pupils may wear the school tracksuit ONLY.
(a) School starts at 8.00 a.m. and ends at 2.30 p.m
(b) No pupils is allowed to leave the school premises during school hours without the permission of the Principal. Any pupil caught outside the school premises during school hours will be punished.
(c) Shirking Classes
Any pupil caught shirking classes at any time will
(i) be given two days' detentions (from 2.35 p.m. to 3.35p.m)
(ii) In case of relapse, he/she will be sent back home and should return accompanied by his Responsible Party.
(iii) If caught a third time, he/she will be rusticated.
Pupils should be in the school yard by 8.00 a.m. for the morning assembly. As soon as the bell rings to mark the end of the recess or the break pupils should proceed without delay to their respective classes. If they have to move to other classes between periods, they should do so without undue delay.

For late comers a remark will be inserted in the note book by the college clerk and repetition of same will be sanctioned.
No pupil will be admitted after 1st period unless Responsible Party gives a reasonable explanation for his/ her lateness in the Note Book.

On the day of resumption, pupils who have been absent should submit to the College Clerk their note books or a letter of absence, with a remark from the Responsible party explaining the reason for their absence .
(i) If the explanations are not satisfactory, or doubtful, parent will be summoned. If the parent does not turn up, the pupil will not be admitted to classroom.
(ii) All absences must be explained in writing immediately, by the responbible party,  on the day on which a pupil comes back to school.
(iii) A pupil who has been absent for more than three consecutive days will have to produce a Medical Certificate.

In case parents wish to withdraw their wards from school, they should write an Official letter to that effect to the Principal.

P.E classes are compulsory for all pupils. Requests for temporary exemption should be made in writing by the Responsible Party stating clearly the reason. Requests for longer periods of exemption will only be entertained if they are backed by a valid medical certificate.
All pupils must change into their P.E outfit: Vests/T-Shirts, shorts and training shoes for the P.E. classes.

In between periods when there is a change of subject, pupils are expected to get ready for the next class. They should not make any excessive noise or move about in the classroom or outside. If they have to leave their classes for the library, P.E. classes etc. they should not create any disturbance on the way.

It is a serious offence to wilfully damage school property. If any pupil is found guilty of damaging school property, he/she will be
(i) rusticated immediately.
(ii) asked to meet the cost of repairs.
(iii) In case of no refund the case will be referred to the Police.

(a) The Progress Report must be returned within the time limit after having been signed by the Responsible Party.
(b) Parents should verify and countersign the Note Books of their ward every fortnight.

(a) A pupil who has to leave early must submit to the College Clerk before the end of the 2nd period his/her Note Book with a request from his/her Responsible Party stating clearly the reason.
(b) In case a pupil is found to be sick and has to leave school early, his/her Responsible Party will have to write down in the Note Book the time of the pupil's arrival at home. Same will be countersigned by the College Clerk on the day of resumption.

Pupils must behave properly at the bus stop, in the bus and at all sports meetings and in all activities in which the school may participate.

(a) Half an hour detention (2.35 p.m to 3.05 p.m)
This punishment is carried out after school hours on the same day. Responsible Parties are informed of this punishment after it has been carried out through the note book which their wards will give them to sign and return to the College Clerk on the following working day.
(b) One hour detention (2.35 p.m to 3.35 p.m)
This punishment is given for more important misbehaviour. Responsible Parties are informed beforehand.
(c ) Special Report
In case a pupil misbehaves repeatedly, he is put on Special Report. His conduct and work are then closely monitored by the parents concerned, the teachers and the Principal.
(d) Rustication
If a pupil's conduct does not improve after having been on special Report, he/she is rusticated from school for a specific period of time.
(e) Expulsion
This is the final step in the punishment process. On the Principal's Recommendation, the PSSA can expel a pupil from school. All cases of detention, special report and rustication will be recorded in the student's individual file. Pupils with unfavourable records will not be allowed to participate in school activities.

Pupils are expected to look after their personal belongings. They should not bring large sums of money and valuables things to school. The school administration will not be responsible for any losses incurred by pupils on the school premises.
15. Mobile phones are not authorised at school.
16. Fancy haircuts and jewellery ae not allowed.
All parents must form part of the college PTA.


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