What really dawned on late S.A.Patten (DA) to start a secondary insitution?
At a time when Mauritius was emerging as a young nation from the grips of colonial rule, there was an urgent need to educate the people so as to enable them to participate actively in building up that Mauritian Nation. Such a formal education could only be made possible within the four walls of a classroom.
However, infrastructures were limited and the Government could not provide all the facilities. Those people who felt concerned with the needs of others had to come forward and had to be strong enough to take risks to make things happen.
One such great soul who has left his name in history of Beau-Bassin/Rose-Hill and in the development of Education in Mauritius is Late Mr. S.A.Patten (Da). To him, we owe the existence of a college: PATTEN COLLEGE (BOYS & GIRLS) which stands today as a responsible institution in Rose-Hill.
Mr. Da Patten, Mayor of Beau Bassin/Rose-Hill, MLA and Minister, a renowned social worker at that time, had a vision - that of leading the young people to the light of knowledge from the darkness of ignorance. To do this, he was ready to open up a school - a school burning faith in the ability of the working class to achieve great things in life, Mr. Da Patten started "Ecole du Dimanche" with the implementation of regular courses for the sixth standard failures during school vacation and Sundays.

Progress was quick - the good intentions of Mr. Da Patten were bearing their fruits already. The school population was growing. The Manager had to act promptly and, with much sacrifice, a new building for the boys had to be erected, the foundation stone of which was laid by Abou Diouff, the then Prime Minister of Senegal, on behalf of Late Senegalese President Leopold Sedar Senghor. (also poet)
Conscious of providing an all-round education, the school introduced Drama as part of its extra-curricular activities. The "Trial of Macbeth" staged at the Plaza theatre under the aegis of the college was a public debate on the issue of Macbeth's guilt. It is worthy of note that the following eminent personalities also participated in this play: late sir Gaetan Duval (QC) as the "Defence lawyer of Macbeth", Mr I Seetaram (Ex. Town Clerk BB/RH) as the "Crown Lawyer" and Late Dr Raman (Ex superintendent of the Psychiatric Hospital) as the main witness. The members of the jury were Form VI pupils of Queen Elisabeth College.
So successful was this play that the reputation and goodwill of Patten College rippled all around the country. And, this ushered an influx of pupils in the following year. Patten College grew into a major institution bringing hopes and promises to a larger population?
In a bid further education to the under priviledged, Patten College moved out of its urban Rose-Hill cocoon and ventured into rural Belle Vue Maurel in the North. Here, its encounter with retired primary school inspector, Mr Beewah Mahadoo gave a new boost to it. The institution known as "Patten Belle Vue" stood the test of time for one year only because of political pressure.
Another destination of the school was the village of Riviere du Rempart where negotiations with the management of Progressive College brought about a change in the name of the latter into that of "Patten College Riviere du Rempart". However, those negotiations could not last long. Patten College had therefore to steer back to rural pupils as well as some teachers into its urban buildings. Da Patten even accepted to put buses at the disposal of students to travel to Rose Hill to attend school.
Meanwhile, here, in Rose-Hill, the institution's march towards progress was sustained by the constant perseverance of Mr. Da Patten. Moreover, staging 'Trial of Macbeth' provided an impetus for the college to participate in the Youth Drama Festivals organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports as that time (nowadays known as Arts and Culture). As a matter of fact, its subsequent participation in these festivals enabled the Patten College to bag interesting trophies for the play entitled "Un jour Pendant La Belle Saison". Other plays such as "Rezilat" were acclaimed.
Extra curricular activities gathered momentum with the initiation of an already popular French TV game "Des Chiffres et des Lettres" at Patten College by teacher Canen Veeraragoo with the collaboration of L'Alliance Francaise, interesting to note that for some 5-6 years, Patten College was always the winning team in each nationwide competition.
An indispensable gift of nature came as the worse enemy of Patten College - Fire! The wooden buildings of Patten College (Boys) went in flames twice during the same year, burning away twelve classrooms!
Misfortune befell again! Mr. Da Patten was afflicted with paralysis following stroke. He remained bedridden. But, somehow, Patten College continued to tread along the founder's path.
A sultry dusk of 4th June snatched the founder away from his near and dear ones. The untimely demise of this great soul left Patten College stranded in an abyss of despair.
Da, the man of not only Vision but of Heart too, was no more! "ANE…DADDY" was no more!
Yet this special tune would never fade away……

Tum na jane kiss jahan mein kho gaye, Ham bhari
Duniya mein tanha gaye …..
Tum kahan……..Tum kahan…….Tum kahan…..!

( In which abode have you gone
Leaving us stranded all alone
Where art thou…..? where are thou……?
Tum kahan…..!
However, his vision and mission was soon relayed to his elder son, Mr. Gavin Patten.
Plaza Theatre witnessed a befitting tribute to Late founder/father Da Patten through a vibrant cultural show presented in his memory by friends, teachers and pupils.
Taking the bulls by the horns, Mr. Gavin Patten endeavoured to propel the school in its path. Thus, infrastructure was upgraded and specialist computer rooms were set up.
(1) Opening of prevocational class at Patten Colleges
(2) Launching of the 1st Magazine commemorating the 40th birthday of the college.
(3) Cultural show at Plazaultural show at Plaza Theatre by Patten College and Art Academy  
(1) Death of late Manager, Rungha Nayagum Patten, widow of founder S.A PAtten on 30th January 2007.
(2) Extention of Patten College Girls for an audio visual room.
Cultural show by Art Academy, Ebanez school of Music and Patten College students/staff at IGCIC, on 5thDecember 2008 to commemorate the birth anniversary of late founder S.A Patten.
(1) "GENERATION CROSSROAD" - lunch to some of the 1st generation of pupils of Patten Colleges. (April)
(2) Blood donation at the seat of Patten Boys and Girls. (May)
(3) Launching of School Magazine by Vice Prime Minister Honourable Xavier Duval at Patten College Boys on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the college. (23rd September)

Late Da Patten has left a rich legacy for the people coming after him. He laid down the foundation stone upon which his near and dear ones have continued to construct the edifice, which today makes the flawless reputation of the college. Permanently, Patten College stands majestically having the following infrastructure:   

2009 Statistics :

(a) Location: (1) 1347 Sq metres – three storey owned concrete building for girls at Leoville L’Homme Street Rose Hill on land of 360 toises

 (2) 1103 Sq metres – 2 storey owned building for boys at Boundary road, Q Bornes on land of  440 toises.


(b)Students’ Population

(1) Mainstream





(2) Prevocational



(c) Teaching staff          Boys - 32

                                   Girls -  33 

(d) Non Teaching staff :  Boys - 12

                                 :  Girls - 12

Facilities available (all rated grade I)

Boys:      2 Volley ball pitches                                    Girls: 1  Volley ball pitch

                1 Library                                                             1  Library

                1 Computer room                                                 1  Computer room

                1 Chemistry cum biology Laboratory                      1  Chemistry cum Biology Laboratory  

                1 Art & Design room                                             1  Art & Design room

                3 Offices                                                              1  Audio visual room  

                1 Staff room                                                         1  Home Economics specialist room

                1 Non teaching staff room                                      2  Staff rooms

                                                                                           1  Non teaching staff room

                                                                                           2  Offices   


Over the 45 years that span its existence, the institution has served the good and noble cause of shedding its radiance to thousands of those sons and daughters who now form the intelligentsia of this country, activelyparticipating in the nation-building process.

Unfortunately, the founder/father Da Patten is not amidst us to witness its achievements